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Twenty Fruits: A Furuba "Twenty Facts" Community

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Twenty Fruits
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Welcome to 20_fruits, the Fruits Basket fanfic community based off of The HP Character Random Facts/Things Meme compiled by iulia_linnea. Basically, this community is for the posting of twenty random "facts" created by the author about a particular Fruits Basket character/relationship.

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They can be based on canon, fanon, or pure speculation: In essence, what the writer thinks or would like to think is true about that character/relationship. Missing scenes, personality quirks, childhood anecdotes, a character's thoughts on other characters, etc. It's all up to the author's imagination.

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Leave a comment in this post to make a claim request. You can request as many claims at a time as you like, so long as you believe you can finish them fairly quickly. Up to four people can have the same claim at a time.

There is no strict time limit for completion of your claims, but I would ask that, if you have a character/group/pairing that is in high demand, please try to finish in no less than three months so that others may have the opportunity to use that claim.

If you would like to drop your claim, leave another reply in the request post stating so.

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When posting your completed twenty facts, please use this format (or something similar):


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Sohma Akito/Sohma Shigure by zionga
Sohma Yuki/Honda Tohru by dea_liberty
Sohma Yuki/Kuragi Machi by roostah
Hanajima Megumi by lilapriceless
Sohma Rin (Isuzu) by lilapriceless
Hanajima Saki by ariyanaforever
Honda Tohru by ariyanaforever
Sohma Kagura by ariyanaforever
Hanajima Saki/Sohma Yuki by ariyanaforever
Sohma Kureno/Sohma Akito by flamika
Sohma Rin and Sohma Akito by flamika
Sohma Kureno by miyabita13
Sohma Ritsu/Mitsuru by ariyanaforever
Sohma Hatsuharu by geartemis
Sohma Rin/Sohma Hatsuharu by umadoshi
Sohma Hatori/Sohma Kana by hezul
Sohma Kyou by lucentliz
Sohma Akito by kaeleer
Sohma Shigure and Honda Tohru by kimper
Sohma Momiji and his mother by kaeleer
Sohma Ayame by fleurette
Kuramae Mine by fleurette
Sohma Ayame/Kuramae Mine by fleurette
Sohma Rin and Sohma Shigure by umadoshi
Sohma Akito and Sohma Kyou by thedigitalkuri

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FAQ are here. Any further questions or comments can be left in that post.

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Leave a comment here if you would like to affiliate with us. :D

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