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Sohma Kagura/Sohma Kyou, Atonement

Title: Atonement.
Author: Ariyana
Pairing: Sohma Kagura/Sohma Kyou
Rating: [13+]
Disclaimer: Fruits Basket belongs to Natsuki Takaya.
Notes: Spoilers for most of the Anime and definitely spoilers for some of the latest chapters of the Manga. I tried to be vague but they are in there. Much of this is speculation and wishful thinking on my part as well.

01. The first time Kagura sees Kyou is when they are just children. He sits on the ground drawing things in the dirt. Suddenly Kagura feels her life isn’t so bad compared to the little boy before her. That feeling drives her to befriend the outcast among outcast.

02. Although her motivations were not the purest, her friendship with Kyou was something real and he secretly appreciates all the time that she spent with him.

03. The day Kagura takes Kyou’s beads away and sees his true form, Kyou’s world shatters. He had hoped for things to last a little longer but feels foolish for hoping in the first place. That is also the day he shuts himself off from everything and everyone. You can’t be hurt or hurt anyone if you don’t get close.

04. Feeling guilty for her actions and betrayal of possibly the best friend she has ever had, Kagura decides to atone by trying to love all of Kyou. He rejects her love but she forges through considering his scathing rejections as part of her punishment. The road to redemption would not be a smooth one.

05. Kyou doesn’t understand how Kagura could be so stubborn. He knows she is scared of him but she refuses to acknowledge it. Why do they keep lying to him? His mother lies to him saying she loves him and now his former best friend does the same. He doesn’t understand. Part of Kyou begins to hate to hear declarations of love.

06. Over time Kagura’s devotion becomes more genuine then she ever imagined. She truly does love him and although she is a shame of her first reaction to his other self it doesn’t change the love she feels for him.

07. The moment she sees Kyou in Tohru’s presence she immediately notices the changes in him. Memories of the friend she lost all those years ago begin to haunt her. Once upon a time he use to smile at her that way but now only Tohru can manage that feat.

08. The day Kazuma decides to show Tohru, Kyou’s other self, Kagura is saddened. She knows that only Tohru’s acceptance can fully heal Kyou’s heart…the heart that she helped to damage. Quietly she reflects upon their past and silently prays that Tohru can be there for Kyou in the way she hadn’t been.

09. Kyou is surprised when Tohru accepts him in spite of her fear. He begins to think about the circumstances at the time that Kagura first saw his other self. He thinks about his mother’s love. Without evening realizing it himself, he slowly begins to forgive them both.

10. After what happened that faithful night Kagura knows it is time to come clean. Admitting everything to him would be her final gift to him and their long ago friendship. She knows in her heart that he will continue to reject her but not for the previous reasons in the past. There is now someone else who holds his heart. She knows she will not be able to compete with that.

11. Silently Kyou listens as Kagura recounts her motivations for befriending him and her reason for declaring her love. He remembers that at the time they became friends she was all he had. The little girl who played with him when he had no friends will always be special to him. He lets her down gently. She deserves that much just because she had been his first true friend.

12. She can’t help but cry when she hears the words she had been dreading but he is so caring. She loves him, she really does. The pain she feels is just the price she promised herself she would pay for hurting him back then.

13. It takes time but he finally learns to fully accept someone’s love. When he and Tohru officially become a couple he looks back on his life. Although things are good with her she isn’t the first person he ever opened up too. Part of him misses that past friendship.

14. Kagura is happy for Kyou finding love even if it is not with her. She decides that if she can’t have his undying love that she will settle for his friendship. Even when the curse lifts freeing them all, she finds that she still cares for Kyou deeply no curse could take that away from her.

15. Years later when the fairy tale with Tohru ends, Kyou finds himself in a sea of uncertainty. They still love each other but the relationship is just not working for either of them anymore. The only constant in his life is the friendship he shares with Kagura.

16. Kagura has had her fair share of love and loss after Kyou and merely comforts him with her words of wisdom. She doesn’t try to take advantage of the situation opting to remain a true friend.

17. Kyou begins to notice that communicating with a sane Kagura is so much easier than it was to talk to Tohru. He can be his whole self in her Kagura’s presence...bad moods and all. He doesn’t have to worry that he might say something that will send her into a mass of unrest.

18. Kagura has no problems giving Kyou a piece of her mind when she thinks he is being stupid. They argue but he takes her words to heart. Suddenly he admits something to her that leaves her stunned. Some where along the way he had started to fall in love with her.

19. She had spent so much time concentrating on being a good friend that she hadn’t really realized that his feelings were changing toward her. Deep in her heart she returns his love but her mind keeps her from confessing her love again.

20. He knows immediately she is holding back and decides that in this case actions speak louder than words. Without hesitation he pulls her into his grasp and kisses her. He pours all his love, desire and longing into that kiss and she melts into his embrace. Neither knows what the future holds for them but that one kiss is the promise of things to come.
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